Friday Finds | Yum Yummm!

Friday Finds | Yum Yummm!

Happy Friday.

Today’s Friday Finds are two small foodie finds. I try to limit my carbs and sugar, and both of these play nicely with that diet regimen. Before I go any further, if you don’t like licorice / anise, DON’T RUN AWAY (ha!) before trying this tea.  Even if you aren’t really a tea drinker, this stuff might make you one. Yogi’s Egyptian Licorice doesn’t taste like liquified Twizzlers, I promise. It’s so naturally sweet, too, that you kind of feel like you’re tricking the sugar system with zero guilt.

Box of Yogi tea at my desk


“Warming and Naturally Spicy-Sweet.”

That’s the official description, and I can attest that I like this tea more than most any other I’ve tried. It tastes like a light dessert and is great for any time of day. You can buy in larger quantities or smaller boxes online. Note – not for pregnant or nursing women.  Read more here.


The Best Breath Spray Ever

The other Friday find is Vitamin Shoppe’s Breathpep Spray. I LOVE this stuff!  It is pretty strong and effective. If you are looking for a gum/mint-alternative to stash in your bag on the go, try this.

photo of breathprep spray

Mood: Lucius – Dusty Trails

As a guy named Adam (my favorite name ever) says, “It’s a road trip tune for the ages, perfectly capturing that universal feeling of uncertainty about the future.” This is a great tune to listen to while sipping on some tea…

I know I’m no doctor but if I was guessing
I’d say it was just growing pains
And painful as growing is we can’t forget
it’s our ticket to taking the reins
And we’ll all be okay
We’ll be okay
Dusty trails can lead you to
A golden road
I’ve been told
Can’t remember who it was
but all she spoke
Will a penny for her thoughts
leave me broke
Cause everyone’s around
and I’m still alone
Everyone’s around right now
and I’m still alone

So poignant! Have a great weekend.


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