Friday Finds | Vote.

Friday Finds | Vote.

Happy Friday. So many aspects of my life have changed since my previous post, but I am still allowing them – and myself – to marinate.  I caught a glimpse of this post earlier this morning and have to share because it’s telling, sobering, and beautiful.


Mood: A Little too Soon to Say | Jackson Browne

One of the masters has returned to release this gem. Apropos.

Some nights kept me awake
Searching for a lifetime
For what you wanna see
When all we’ve ever needed
Has been there all along inside of you and me

I wanna see you holding out your light
I wanna see you find your way
Beyond the sirens in the broken night
Beyond the sickness of our day
And after what we’ve come to live with
I wanna know if you’re ok
We’ve gotta think it’s gonna be alright
It’s just a little soon to say


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