Friday Finds | Don’t Waste Your Money – Buy These Instead.

Friday Finds | Don’t Waste Your Money – Buy These Instead.

It’s Friday Again,

and I am still in total bliss after purchasing CC Comeproof’s True Wireless Earbuds last week.  You guys, these are AMAZING.  The sound quality is excellent!

90% 5-star Reviews as of August 2019. Amazon, add me to the bandwagon!  I love, love, love these earbuds.

First, they are discreet, delicate, and comfortable.  Second, did I mention the sound quality?  Balanced. Robust. Deep. Perfect.  Don’t bother forking out a fortune for Airpods. These are great.

photo of my True Wireless earbuds

“Tiny Lightweight Earbuds With a Solid Punch”

I agree with hundreds of reviewers who are seriously impressed with this heck of a deal. I’ve been wearing them for a week now with zero issues, and I would pick these over more expensive brands in a drumbeat. You can decide for yourself, but I’m sold on these. Read more here.

Mood: First Aid Kit – In The Hearts of Men

First Aid Kit has been my jam for a while. This month I’ve been on a binge. No one can escape their raw confrontational tone.

In the hearts of men
In the arms of mothers
In the parts we play to convince others

It’s honestly difficult to choose a favorite among First Aid Kit’s repertoire. But I like this song right now because it speaks to the dichotomy that all of us face on a daily basis. Who we are is more than what we post on social media. Real life happens in the moments that hardly anyone sees…


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