Friday Finds | Dirty Toothpaste and Daughter of Swords

Friday Finds |  Dirty Toothpaste and Daughter of Swords

Today’s Friday Find looks bad, but it gets a pretty good rating in my book so far.

I started using My Magic Mud a few months ago, and I immediately noticed results.  I see that my teeth look much brighter, and this particular brand is effective and smells good.


Customer Reviews

Kristi black toothpaste

The average customer review on Amazon is 4.1 with 41 reviews to date.

I work in a corporate building with two other companies, and one is a professional dental industry corporation. I was talking last week with someone from the company, and he told me that he recommends this toothpaste, too, but sparingly.  His tip?  “Don’t make it your daily. Alternate with your regular toothpaste regimen. Charcoal toothpaste can be effective yet abrasive, and I don’t recommend it for daily use.”

You can find the mud here.

Daughter of Swords

My second discovery this week is a fantastic young lady who released her very first album TODAY. I took one of my daughters with me to Charlotte HousingFest 2019, and Daughter of Sword’s Alexandra Sauser-Monnig (Mountain Man) opened for Mandalin Orange (who was also fantastic).  Alexandra was magical.  Soothing, uplifting, haunting… on a cloud with a delicate frame holding her guitar… this beautiful soul is going to take her seat with dignity as she makes her mark.

Could Brett Dennen and Alexandra get married please? Talk about adorable kids writing songs before they finish preschool.

Oh well, if not, we can just stream their songs side by side. Perfection!

You can check out Daughter of Swords here.

Current Mood: Fields of Gold

Not that Fields of Gold although it’s a favorite… this is Daughter of Swords’ version.  Turn down the windows and enjoy!

Out in the wilderness of I-40 West
Just a big gulp in a leather vest
And when it’s rubber to the ground
Ride that shadow down


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