Friday Finds | Have Striped Socks, Will Travel

Friday Finds | Have Striped Socks, Will Travel

Happy Friday. Today I’m sharing my new favorite compression socks with you! I took two pair of these on a recent trip, wore them on long flights, layovers, and even on a short paddle in a canoe in Italy.  (They weren’t the best part of the excursion, but they followed closely behind the laughs with family and the local vino.)

These socks work very nicely!  There is a touted claim of increased blood flow when one wears them, and what I can tell you is that my feet didn’t suffer any aches or pains while I wore them.  If you are new to compression socks, these would be fun just about anywhere including the office or as a witch strolling around chasing kids for hours on Halloween!

Kristi paddling around Lake Como, Italy

Travel Tip: Spray and Roll

These socks travel well. You can roll them up tightly, bind with a hair tie, and wedge them into a laptop bag or suitcase.  Before you roll, simply spray lightly with a mist of lemongrass and water, and they will come out smelling fairly fresh at your next destination until you can machine wash.  Find these awesome socks here!

Mood: Gregory Alan Isakov – Stable Song

Sweet simple human condition…
..Longing for Autumn in the South.

Think I’ll be hiking some this weekend!


And I ran back to that hollow again
The moon was just a sliver back then
And I ached for my heart like some tin man
When it came, oh it beat and it boiled and it rang
Oh, it’s ringing

Ring like crazy, ring like hell
Turn me back into that wild haired gale
Ring like silver, ring like gold
Turn these diamonds straight back into coal


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