Friday Finds | Shut Down by Covid-19

Friday Finds | Shut Down by Covid-19

Happy Friday everyone. I am at home like most of the world trying to flatten the curve. This is my view today (and many days afterward).

photo of dining room

I’ve Got Nothing.

This Friday I have no “Finds” to share, and even if I did, I would feel quite silly promoting them.  I did find a really insightful thread about Staggering Projections that led the US government to act as it has during the past week. And I found a pretty sweet video by Matthew McConaughey that I liked to help put things in perspective.

Beyond that, I haven’t found much. I found myself stressing through some family situations involving my kids (divorce never ends), I found myself creating an hourly schedule for my preschooler to survive the extra time at home (she is napping right now!), and I found myself stopping and looking around, heart racing, and eventually breaking down in tears at the grocery store today as I paused to see stressed out, tired, struggling people all around me. I am very grateful – my family is fine, and husband and I are working these kinks into life surprisingly well. But I am sad for those grieving and mentally exhausted like most of us are.

We are all in this rugged, worn boat. Together. So what I want to do is write what I see from my corner of it.

A Poem for Coronavirus

For the day
We did not choose, we did not wish
We did not want.
I take a breath
It means more, so much
Than it did
A month ago

We were asleep
We were a little numb
But now we are
All of us
Now are awake

We did not choose this visitor
He is not a friend
Now we must determine
Our collective answer
To his demanding horror
His putrid arrival here

Compassion is beating still
And quietly
As the Venice river
Clear in the spring sunlight
She is rising
Out of balconies and windows

Strong and kind
Breathing love
Soul and music
We can offer – our choice
To sit
To wait
To hope


Rome, Italy in 2019 – Kristi Hoffmaster


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