Friday Finds | He Can Move it! AKA Metrolina Transport Group

Friday Finds | He Can Move it! AKA Metrolina Transport Group

Happy Friday!  Today I write the praises for a pretty awesome business owner and new friend.  Scott Williams, local South Carolinian neighbor, owns Metrolina Transport Group based out of Fort Mill, SC.  You or someone you know in South Carolina needs to know this guy!

Here’s why.

Can-Win. Don’t Stop. Top-notch.

Metrolina Transport Group logo

Scott goes the extra mile. Literally. I met Scott briefly through conversations within a local business networking group, Carolinas Referral Group, that my long-time friend Faiyaz included me on early in its development.  There have been many local professionals that I am thankful to know through that group.

Due to my work schedule I wasn’t able to continue attending the weekly morning meetings, but one morning last Fall I was in a real pinch and for some reason, “If you ever need anything delivered on short notice, Scott Williams is your guy,” popped into my head.

Full Disclosure


I debated whether I wanted to share the whole, real story behind this post or not. And I decided to just come out with all of it.  What I did was pretty fantastic and stupid that day, and Scott saved my butt!  He saved me hundreds of dollars and spared me from a pretty crazy disappointing situation.

I was already traveling in DC, and my departure flight was set to fly straight out to Rome, Italy, to meet family for a vacation trip I was really looking forward to, as I had not been to Italy and the timing of the trip was smack in the middle of a break in grad school semesters.


The Moment I Freaked.

The weekend in DC was uneventful and merely a great time with fellow grad school classmates, but everything changed that Sunday morning when I went to check-in to my flight online.

As I pulled out my passport to scan it for the e-check-in, I opened the first page and saw the bright, smiling face of my teenage daughter.




Let me just back up.  I’m pretty organized for a working mom with 5 kids.  Like, I am pretty OCD. I plan meetings to plan meetings, and my husband and kids will lament how much they loathe this about me. For this to happen was comical and so embarrassing.

“No, no, no.  This cannot be happening!” My husband wasn’t home… because he was already in Italy with the rest of the family celebrating the marriage of his cousin.  I let him know, “Honey, in crisis-mode, may not travel. Will call you later.

I called my neighbor (also named Scott!), and he turned over all the likely hiding places for my passport at my house. No dice.  “Crap! Where is it?”

I sat on the foot of the bed, sweating.   Later I apologized to my AirBnB host for “the likely audible foul language coming from my bedroom as you were preparing to leave and preach a sermon on Sunday morning.” (She heard it. We laughed later.)

I thought about the last time my daughter and I were together with our passports.  It was in my kitchen as we unpacked from a cruise earlier this year.  It dawned on me. I bet we had taken each other’s and never even opened them to see the mistake.

A text message settled it. She had my passport and had put it in her nightstand. Hundreds of miles away. A quick call to TSA confirmed that, no, there was nothing I could do short of having my own documents in hand at check-in.

I was sweating.  How was I going to make this flight?  Could I still make this flight?

Hmmmm. What was his name?

I quickly remembered, “If you ever need anything delivered on short notice, Scott Williams is your guy.”  I didn’t know how to get in touch with Scott, but I popped open my laptop, and a quick Facebook Search with some keywords from the moving discussions landed me on his profile. Bingo!

I frantically typed a message to him explaining my crisis and asking if there was anyone on his team who would be up for a short-notice document courier job.

He wrote me immediately with a big, relieving, “Yes!”

I couldn’t believe it and was so glad.  He would have barely enough time to drive to meet my mom and dad (second rescue heroes of this story), get the passport from them, and drive to the DC airport.

The whole afternoon I sat and thanked my lucky stars as I waited in the airport.  Guys, he had the kindest attitude, and he kept me updated – I knew that he was going to help me make this flight.

When he arrived, I ran out and hugged him so hard, I almost got run over at the terminal lane, but I didn’t care. He just laughed as we hugged, and I was like, this dude. This dude is salt of the earth.


Standing outside as Scott drive up (authorized to do so by airport staff – ha)

Business as Usual

So, I hope this story made you smile as much as it made me. I obviously I highly recommend Scott. He has a big heart, and his business thrives because he goes the extra mile. He is always on, he runs a tight ship of excellence for his customers, and I know that his business benefits from all of this from what I’ve seen and after interviewing him when I returned from Italy.

photo of scott and wife
Scott and his beautiful wife

Scott specializes in long-distance moves, but he can offer courier and small transports and other services related to moving. If you or someone you know needs good, honest help in the Carolinas or surrounding areas, definitely contact Scott at Metrolina.


And remember the moral of this story.  Networking is legit and can truly save your butt someday. Also, check your documents before you pack.




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