Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.- Benjamin Franklin

I created this website because I missed writing and running a site. I stood it up in the waning moons before the pandemic hit us in 2020, and like many of you, my life changed drastically during that monumental year. I subsequently paused all of my writings and projects, handled my personal matters and gave my work the best tactical and passionate stamina that I could muster, and weathered the storms of a strange year. Since 2021 I have dug out the imprinted grasses of memory, gratitude, and change. There is much to hang my hat on with sincere gratitude, and I look forward to picking up the leaves and smelling the roses again as we all go onward together.

I am first a woman, and I am an adoptee, a mother, and I work hard at manifesting the human condition. I am amazed at the stories I have gathered in my four decades so far. At the end of my days I hope I helped someone see beauty in life – and feel kindness.