A Special Video

A Special Video

In April I celebrated my last “happy day” before I turn 40.  This year was special to me because it was very different. For the first time I know who my biological family members are.  I made a short, raw impromptu video tribute to my mom and dad – you can view it here.

Lecture on Adoption

At the end of this video I referenced a very powerful lecture entitled Lecture on Adoption by Paul Sunderland. Please give it a look and listen.

My Parents

My father and mother are the best people I have ever met.  Their work ethic stood the test of time with consistency and value.  Their discipline and commitment to their values, their children, and their faith has radiated throughout years and years of observance. Most of all their hearts guided them and led them to open their doors, minds, and spirits again and again – I didn’t realize until well into my 30’s just how rare it is to have hearts like my parents do.  This adoption journey has reiterated that to me, and I am amazed at how simple and powerful their love is.  Take a look at the faces in this photo.  If you never meet this man and woman, I believe you will still be convinced by their expressions in this image – of innocence, devotion, and openness to whatever may come their way.  It turns out that they rose to the occasion – their daughters know that they did, and the corners of the world that we touch are better for that legacy they have given to us.


photo of the day I was adopted


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